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Facilities Use

Facilities Use Policy and Contract Application Form

For the purposes of this agreement, the term Facilities or Church Facilities includes the buildings and their interior spaces, the grounds, and the personal property of St. Thomas Episcopal Church.  Church refers to St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Orange, Virginia.  Your signature on this contract confirms your agreement to the terms and conditions listed below. 

1)         The person authorized to use Church Facilities will be responsible for assuring that all other persons associated with the use herein applied for comply with the terms and conditions set forth below.

2)         All users of the Facilities shall conduct themselves and their activities in a manner consistent with the primary use of the Facilities as a place of worship.

3)         Any person authorized to use Church Facilities agrees to indemnify and hold the Church harmless from all costs, expenses, liabilities, losses, damages, suits, fines, penalties, claims and demands brought by anyone arising from their use of or presence in Church Facilities.

4)         Users of Church Facilities shall be responsible for any and all damage or injury to the Facilities or any part thereof occurring during, or as a result of, their use of the Facilities, and shall promptly repair or provide for the repair of the Facilities in a manner acceptable to the Church.

5)         An authorized user may not change the terms or nature of its use without submitting a new application to the Church for approval containing the modified terms and/or character of use.

6)         The Church reserves the right to revoke the authority of any person to use Church Facilities at any time and for any reason the Church in its sole discretion shall consider to be appropriate.

7)         The Contract Application Form [separate form] for use of Church Facilities should be received by the Parish Administrator, at least two weeks before the proposed use/event. Approval of the application requires the signature of two of the three following officers of the Church; the Rector, Senior Warden, Jr. Warden. The applicant will then be notified of the decision.

8)         Unless specific permission is given to the responsible applicant during the application process, users of the Parish Hall may not use the Nave, the Choir Room, the Pre-school area on the second floor, the Youth Room below, or other parts of the Facilities. The contact person listed on the application will be responsible for keeping the event contained to the space assigned and for the conduct of those attending the event. The two bathrooms in the hallway behind the altar and the one at the Parish Hall entrance may be used.

9)         No smoking or use of tobacco products is allowed inside any building located on Church property or in the Churchyard or parking areas.

10)       No one may distribute, offer, or consume alcoholic beverages in or on Church Facilities without permission of the Rector or Senior Warden of St. Thomas.

11)       No one may bring pets or other animals into Church Facilities (with the exception of service animals) without permission of the Rector or Senior Warden of St. Thomas.

12)       Users of the Parish Hall may not use the overhead projectorunless they receive permission and training by the Rector or Jr. Warden. 

13)       Whenever possible, a representative of St. Thomas will meet the applicant before the use to unlock the doors. This representative will also return at the end to review the condition of the Facilities and to lock the doors.

14)       Nothing may be applied to the walls and floor of any part of the Church Facilities. This includes tape, tacks, nails, or other adhesive substances.

15)       Persons using Church Facilities must return them to an “as found” condition at the end of their use. This shall include removing all kitchen waste and all trashfrom inside the building as well as from the church grounds and parking areas.  Floors shall be swept clean.

16)       Users are responsible for setting up and taking down tables and chairs that they use. 

17)       Users must provide their own dishes, cups and napkins. The coffee maker may be used.  Counters should be wiped clean.  Bathrooms should be inspected and left clean and tidy.

18)       The Church reserves the right to charge a custodial fee if the facilities are not returned to their original condition.

19)       Church equipment may not be removed from the building without permission from the Jr. Warden or Rector.

20)       A security deposit may be charged at the time the application is approved. The deposit will be returned, in whole or in part, if not used.

21)       The piano in the Parish Hall may be used – with respect. Cups, plates, and flowers should not be placed on it.

22)       The pipe organin the nave is not available for use unless special arrangements are made with the Rector or Senior Warden and the Director of Music

23)       Fee Schedule:

a)         There are no fees charged for the use of Church Facilities for St. Thomas Sponsored activities or other Non-Profit Organizations, however, it is hoped that users will make a donation to St. Thomas Church. 

            b)         For all personal or “for profit” organizations, the following fee schedule will apply:



Base Price 

per 2 hours* Facility Use [plusguest count]

Total Number Guests









61 +


Church Member hosted Function












Non-church member












* Facility Use Time includes not only the event, but also: opening, setup, and cleanup

            c.         A separate, Kitchen Use Fee of: $150 will apply for the use of the kitchen and kitchen appliances (other than coffeemakers). 


A Church member hosts a one-hour party for 20 family and friends: 

[Base price (2 hrs) + Guest price]  $25 + $50 = $75

A Non-church member hosts a family reception for 50 people from 5-7 pm:

[Base price (4 hrs) + Guest price] $100 + $300 = $400 

            d.         The following deposits and fees may also be charged.

Custodial Fee


Security Deposit