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"That the World May Know"

Join us Sunday Mornings at 9 a.m. in the Robertson Parish Hall as we explore and discuss historical and contemporary issues that impact our Christian knowledge and open Scripture to deeper insight into our lives.  This is an open-ended program, you may come at any time during the Sunday Forum.  You need not have attended any other programs.

Our Current Sunday Program employs the: "That the World May Know" video series.  

  • Through a series of brief videos, filmed on location in throughout the Holy Land and Middle East, renowned historian and biblical scholar, Ray Vander Laan, guides us through the people, the history, the culture of the Bible   
  • We will cover how the Israelites first entered the Promised Land and the many challenges that they faced
  • We will look at the rise of the Prophets and Kings of early Israel and the many challenges they faced
  • We will explore the faith of Jesus as it was developed through the rise of the Jewish Kingdom
  • We will consider the role of the Rabbi, the language of culture, and essential Old Testament concepts that will later frame the language of the New Testament, and so forth.

Interesed?  Join us!  No Prior Knowledge of Experience is needed!