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"Justice" in the Bible

Join us Sunday Mornings at 9 a.m. in the Robertson Parish Hall as we explore and discuss historical and contemporary issues that impact our Christian knowledge and open Scripture to deeper insight into our lives.  This is an open-ended program, you may come at any time during the Fall Sunday Forum.  You need not have attended any other programs.

Our Current Fall Program is Titled: "Justice" in the Bible.  

  • What does the "Bible" mean by that term?  
  • Are there differences in our understanding of that term in the Old Testament writings versus the New Testament?
  • How and when is the term: Justice actually used and what does it mean to us today?
  • Does the term, its use and meaning change over time and how does Jesus view Justice?
  • As contemporary Christians, what does biblical justice mean in our world and how are we, as Christians, called to act upon this concept?