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Halloween Book Giveaway

HALLOWEEN, on or near October 31, 4pm-6pm, Taylor Park, West Main Street. Join us!

For the past fourteen years, St. Thomas has given away countless free books to the Orange County children participating in the Orange Downtown Alliance "Trick-or-Treat" in downtown Orange.  Each year at Halloween the businesses and employees in the town of Orange decorate booths and tables in front of their businesses, don a variety of costumes, and give away candy to costumed county children who "Trick or Treat" the town.  The program allows children in this beautiful rural area, many of whom live on remote farms, a chance to "Trick or Treat."

St. Thomas, which hosts the County Literacy Program, supports reading in the community.  As a result, instead of giving candy away, St. Thomas gives away books--all kinds of books: primary readers, touch-and-feel books, science books, as well as intermediate and young adult popular fiction books. This is our way of enhancing the reading and language skills of the children in our home community.

Members of the congregation dress up in costumes and attend to tables of books in Taylor Park along Main Street. Children are provided with their choice of at least three books each.  The St. Thomas "booth" at the County Trick or Treat celebration is consistently the most popular with both parents and children.