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Palm Sunday & Easter 2022

We were blessed to be OPEN for EASTER Sunday Services at 8 and 1015 am and what a glorious day and fabulous turnout we had!

Many Thanks to our VESTRY who HOSTED our FIRST Hospitality Hour in nearly two years!! Food -- Fellowship -- Friendship in the midst of Christ! Alleluia!

We were also so blessed to be able to hold our traditional Holy Week Services every night at 6pm
Mon, Tues, Wed is Evening Prayer; Maundy Thursday [footwashing & stripping of the Altar]; Good Friday Mass of the pre-Sanctified & Veneration of the Cross.

THANK YOU to our LAY LEADERS, CHOIR, and MEMBERS who supported this most HOLY WEEK

OPEN for Palm Sunday, Holy Week, & EASTER 2022 
Monday, March 21, 2022