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Evening Prayer & Lenten Pgm Wednesdays @ 5:45p


Service of Evening Prayer at 5:45 pm followed by a Pot Luck Supper at 6pm (bring a dish to share) and our Lenten Program

During the Wednesday evenings of Lent 2018, we will explore the how the Biblical witness about Jesus Christ changed the life of a devout Muslim.   We will explore the journey of this young man as he learned about Jesus Christ and ultimately came to believe that Jesus Christ truly was the living Son of God, the Messiah, and ultimately left the faith of Islam to become a devout Christian.

“How a Devout Muslim became a Devout Christian.”

Explore the beliefs & arguments Muslims frequently use to Refute the validity of Christianity

  • Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus ever claim to be “God.”
  • Since God is immortal, why would God need a  “Son?”
  • Jesus did not really “die” on the Cross [he only swooned or was substituted for another]
  • The Quran is the only “uncorrupted, perfect” book [the Bible is merely a corrupted “copy of copies,” with many changes, additions, deletions, and completely different translations]
  • The Bible never uses the word “Trinity” & the concept of a Trinity is thinly veiled Polytheism
  • How can any one person atone for another’s sins?
  • The “Quran” is the only divinely written work; its elegance has never & can never be re-created. This is further supported by: The Fulfilled Prophecies in the Quran; the Mathematical Patterns; the (advanced) Scientific Truths contained within, and its perfect [original] textual preservation.

If a Muslim were to offer these arguments to you, how would you answer?

Come and explore the Christian response to these and other arguments as we walk with Nabeel Qureshi and follow his journey in “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.” 

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