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Sign up for Smart911 today. It may save your life!


Orange County participates in the voluntary enrollment of its residents in the Smart911 program.  All you have to do is go to the  www.smart911.com website and create your own account.  You can insert as much or as little information as you choose.  The information is used by the 911 Dispatch system to alert emergency responders to such things as: location of bedrooms, number of household occupants, any medical conditions/medications, mobility issues, the contact information for your doctor(s), the number and type of pets (or farm animals) along with their descriptions, names, and any chip Ids.

You can list contact information for family and friends you would like to have notified should anything happen to you.

If you are single, live alone, or do much traveling by yourself, immediate access to this information may save your life!  GET STARTED TODAY!  And keep the information current!

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