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Our last Episcopal Visit was with Bishop Ted in October of 2022


Bishop Ted Gulick visited with us October 2nd, 2022 at our 10:15 service.  The Bishop Confirmed and Received those adult and youth members who had completed our Catechumenate Program*. There was a Reception in honor of the Bishop and our newest Confirmands that followed the service.   At this time, we do not yet have a schedule for our next Episcopal Visit.

*Our Newcomer/Catechumenate Program usually BEGINS at 9 am. on Sundays beginning about 8 to 10 weeks before the Bishop's Visit.    All Ages are Welcome!  This course is oriented toward those adults and youth desiring to be Confirmed or Recieved into the Episcopal Church.  The course also serves as a wonderful "referesher" to regular members as we discuss: "WHAT WE BELIEVE" as Episcopalians.


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